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weight:220 lbs.
favorite color:Green
favorite candy:Cadbury Creme Eggs
favorite beverage:Diet Squirt
wishlist:Amazon Wish List


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I also have a personal blog:


I'm currently employed as a web developer at Shield HealthCare. Specifically I'm employed as a .NET web developer specializing in front-end web design.

Employment History


My resume is available in 3 formats:


I am a college drop-out... I attended UCSB for two years under a computer science major. Though I performed very well in my Computer Science courses, I didn't focus much in other courses. When combined an on-campus job my second year, I pretty much realized I was done with school, and decided to enter into the job market.


I've been married since 2006, and live with my wife in a 2 bedroom apartment in Camarillo, CA.

I was born in Southern California and have lived here all my life. The only residence I've had outside of Ventura County was my time at UCSB.

I am a Christian and attend church regularly. However, I was raised in a secular household.

I consider myself a 'Mac' guy, and have actively used Apple computers since 1994. That said being a .NET developer and also having been a tech support provider I have a lot of experience with Windows.

I'm a type 1 diabetic and have had diabetes since I was 7.

I have rheumatoid arthritis, and as a result have had both my hips replaced with titanium implants. I have a number of other physical issues related to it, and am legally handicapped as a result.

I am a registered non-partisan, having abandoned the party system a number of years ago. I tend to lean conservative but would more closely associate with Libertarian if I were forced to choose a party.

I tend to joke around a lot, usually leaning towards sarcasm. While most my friends generally find me funny I have been known to get on their nerves after a while.


I have a number of hobbies, the majority of which are tied to collecting:

In addition there are some others which I consider past hobbies:

Interests & Favorites

I have a number of interests and favorites, though I'm the type who has trouble choosing just one favorite (with a few exceptions).




Talk Radio

Video Games


I have a long history of cars, but my current car is a Honda CR-Z. It's my second hybrid, and I purchased it because it looks a lot like my first hybrid, a 2001 Honda Insight. I do not consider myself an environmentalist at all, in spite of the fact that I got my first hybrid years before they became commonplace.

Honda CR-Z


For anybody who cares, I have a wishlist on

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